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Currently inviting submissions for Volume 2, Issue 3 of Indique Law Journal, to be published in June 2024.


Indique Law comprises a team of practicing advocates and law students who are driven by the belief that justice should be accessible to all. With the motto “Justice begins today,” we strive to democratize the legal landscape by offering free daily legal updates on our social media platforms and providing pro bono legal assistance to those in need. We recognize that in today’s world, legal literacy is vital, and everyone should have a nuanced understanding of current legal events. Therefore, our primary objective is to spread legal awareness and keep the public informed of all legal developments. By doing so, we hope to empower individuals to make informed decisions and engage more effectively with the legal system.

Indique Law Journal, published by Indique Law, is a online legal publication featuring articles, research papers, and case analyses from esteemed legal experts and scholars. Our peer-reviewed selection process ensures that only the best contributions are published, fostering a deeper understanding of the law among practitioners, scholars, and students. We are committed to advancing legal discourse and invite submissions from professionals and scholars alike.

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