Volume 2, Issue 3 (June 2024)

01. Diluting The Notions Of Environmental Democracy In India-Comparison With Australia

Author: Dr. Asha. J

Assistant Professor, NSS Law College, Kottiyam, Kollam, Kerala

02. Emergence Of Non-Fungible Tokens And The Corresponding Rise In Intellectual Property Concerns

Author: Ramya S R

Assistant Professor, The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Chennai

03. An Analytical Study Of Arbitral Awards In India

Author: Abhishek Varshney


04. Third-Party Funding In Domestic Arbitration

Author: Jatin Kukreja


05. Stabilizing Innovation And Integrity: A Robust And Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Regulation Framework

Author: Sankalp Mirani


Author: Shailja Choudhary*


06. Exploring The Successful Integration Of Technology Enabled Learning In Indian Universities Compliance With The National Education Policy 2020

Author: Md Tanweer Alam Sunny

Assistant Professor, School of Law, Sandip University, Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Author: Amar Vijay Jamnekar

Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies, G H Raisoni University, Amravati, Maharashtra, India

Author: Dr. Abhishek Singh

Assistant Professor, School of Law, Sandip University, Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Author: Sheetal Ajay Warankar

Assistant Professor, Department of Law, G H Raisoni University, Amravati, Maharashtra, India

07. Euthanasia Laws In India

Author: Deepika Yadav


08. Cybercrime (Privacy And Data Protection) And ECommerce Law

Author: Harsh Verma


09. The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Privacy Laws: Challenges And Solutions

Author: Bhumika Agarwal


10. Taxation Complexities In Cryptocurrency Transactions: Issues And Challenges

Author: Gargee Budh


Author: Sankalp Mirani


11. Relationships Between Construction Procurement And Dispute Resolution

Author: Raveena Nidhi Kam


12. Advancing Tax Oversight: The Use Of Artificial Intelligence In Scrutiny Of Taxation System In India

Author: Jonus D’souza


13. The Real Struggle For Privacy And National Security In Terms Of Liberty And Surveillance: A Study

Author: Shivani Gupta


14. Citizenship, Secularism, And The Law: Analyzing The Impact Of The Citizenship Amendment Act And National Register Of Citizens In India

Author: Manish Yadav


15. World Trade Organization (WTO) Regulations: Understanding The Principles And Agreements Underpinning The Global Trading System, Including Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

Author: O. Kayode Akinsola

 Senior Lecturer, College of law, Chrisland University, Nigeria

16. Reintroduction Of Inheritance Tax: Hindrances And Challenges On Its Implementation In India

Author: Isha Mittal


17. A New Horizon For AI Regulations

Author: Kanya Rai


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